Plot 12.

After five years of waiting, I finally received the call to say that if I was still interested then there was an allotment available.  Of course, being forty-five and therefore felt it only right that I should begin practicing for my obligatory mid-life crisis I was quick to accept even before having viewed the plot. 

Plot number 12. A simple enough sentence but one that hid the realities well. Plot 12 had fallen on hard times and was in need of a little TLC. When I read this back it almost romanticizes the fact that what I was actually taking on would be a mammoth task.

I have been disabled for the majority of my life. A combination of severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and high functioning autism, as well as a host of other things, mean that any physical work takes me longer, I can only do small amounts at a time and yes it does leave me aching and exhausted. Did I mention I only technically have one functioning lung, the other being there for decoration purposes alone?

Anyway getting back to plot 12, As you can see from the photo it hasn’t been touched for around seven years. That’s seven years of neglect and a build-up of weeds and brambles.  Add into this the fact that whoever had it prior to me had clearly watched far too much television and had thought that after rotovating the ground and covering it with a tarpaulin that was all they needed to do. 

As the plants began to grow through the tarpaulin (I’m still trying to work out how) and the weeds returned, they simply harvested the crops and added another layer of tarpaulin. This was clearly going to take some time to get control of.

Next time….. One man and his shed

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