An Oasis of calm.

I have to be honest and say that patience is not my strong point. Despite my working life being dictated my patience and patients if you’ll excuse the pun I myself can get quite agitated. I am a high functioning autistic, this is actually the least of my worries as I also have a severe curvature of my spine and a chronic lung disease, these last few weeks have not been fun.

Up until six weeks ago I was still working on the wards but having already pushed my luck as far as I dared to I finally listened to medical advice and stopped working. I had been in contact with Corvid 19 due to a small amout of patients who were positive, sadly one of whom passed and it was at this point my own doctor stepped in and forbade me from working.

So here I was, bored at home, unable to work and feeling guilty because I wanted to work and, ironically was having a spell of feeling really healthy.

I will be saying much more about the taming of the land as we go on and although some of what I will be speaking about will be done so retrospectively the majority of what I will be speaking about will be as it happens.

However for now I am just grateful for my little oasis of calm. At times like this it makes every aching knee, stiff back and thorny hands a pleasure.

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