A brave new world.

I’ll start with a slight confession. The mess you see above is pretty much how I left the ground over the winter. I had been granted the land towards the beginning of winter 2019, a time when most people are beginning to think of hunkering down and certainly not the right time for taking on a new plot.

I had been told by my plot neighbour that the previous person had hardly touched the ground and that the plot had actually been untouched for the previous seven years. I can almost hear the collective wince from here but, having waited five years for the land I wasn’t about to turn it down now.

The one thing I had been determined to do as well as felt the shed was to clear as much of the brambles as I could manage. At this point maybe I should point out that I have a severe curvature of the spine as well as greatly reduced lung capacity, more on that as time goes on but I thought I should just paint a mental picture. Six foot of hulking viking I most certainly am not, despite me trying to convince my wife otherwise.

I did actually manage to clear the majority of the brambles, in actual fact what I should say is that I managed to clear the majority of the surface brambles, the roots were going to be a whole new affair.

So prior to the deluge of rain that pretty much wiped me out for the whole of winter the only two productive things I had managed to accomplish were felting the shed and clearing the brambles.

Throughout the winter I was kept busy with the usual day to day family affairs, and my work as a healthcare support worker in one of our busiest hospitals, unlike the allotment when it’s downtime the winter is the complete opposite on the wards and this was before the first murmurings of the dreaded corvid had been even mentioned. Ironically I had even mentioned to colleagues of mine that the dreaded winter pressures were not quite so bad this year. Writing this now with the benefit of hindsight what a difference just a few short weeks would bring both to work and to the allotment but for now I’ll say goodbye and thanks for stopping by.

Published by: Justin Glover

I began this blog primarily as a hobby and as a way to chart my success and pitfalls as I sought to turn the untamed land into something productive. Aside from this, I am an auxiliary nurse otherwise known as a Health Care Support Worker I love photography and I live with my wife and two dogs in a beautiful part of Wales.

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