The Maternity shed

The labour suite

The shed up at the house is starting to look like a plant maternity ward. I’ve just got the Dwarf Beans and the Cucumber seeds in the propagator whilst pricked out I’ve got the lettuce, Beetroot, and two mystery seeds, I think one might be carrot but I’m not sure.

The Nursery

I’ve made up my mind not to plant too much this year for two reasons. Firstly there is so much work needed to be done over the main allotment that I want to spend this year getting it into some sort of order. I must admit to being quite inspired by reading other people’s blogs here and I’m already learning a lot from the other people. But one thing I’m determined not to do is to fall into the trap of planting things that I don’t actually like. I’ve already inherited a Rhubarb plant that I’ll be harvesting and then trying to feed anyone who stops long enough to chat as I’m working. I’ve never liked Rhubarb. I remember as a child despite the fact that I grew up in a council flat we had a huge patch of the stuff. It never won me over and in the end my parents stopped trying to convince me but revenge as they say is best served cold and my poor mum will be fed as much crumble this year as she can handle without going insane.

Meanwhile the other plants that I’m growing on as I prepare the ground for them down the allotment are all doing really well. The garlic appears to prefer my homemade compost while the onions appear to be more fussy. So far I haven’t killed my second attempt at strawberries and the tomatoes are all coming on very well so at least I’ll have a little salad if nothing else this year.

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