I really need to get a little bit more structure to these posts before I hopefully gain some subscribers or fellow allotmenteers to share my ramblings with but my excuse is that, having taken over the plot in the autumn and having been somewhat haphazard in how I’ve spent the first few months I can only apologise.

Last week my allotment neighbour had rotovated a significant part of the plot which has helped me massively. In my mind I had given this year over to just reclaiming some semblance of order but thanks to the huge generosity and help of my allotment neighbours I am now able to start planting this year.

Back last year when I started clearing the brambles I had tentatively marked out an area for my compost heap. To be truthful it also meant that I wouldn’t have to dig over at least one section. many years ago I studied agriculture and we were fortunate enough to be taught some of the old country crafts. Dry Stone Walling and Hedge Laying are both dying arts and yet neither are particularly difficult. Naturally there are people who are Masters of these crafts but with the most basic of knowledge it is possible to create something that is both useful and pleasing to the eye.

Last night I began project compost heap in earnest. Instead of just dumping the compost material in the one area I have now actively began to create a compost heap. The trench for the one side took me almost an hour to dig out and prepare. I honestly think if I see one more bramble root I’ll go insane, but nevertheless I have managed to prepare one trench.

The side of the heap will be comprised of an old garden gate cut in half to give a little structure and formation. It was also a simpler way of making sure that both sides were straight and of equal length. After having prepared the first trench and set the first side in position then came the fun part. The selection of stones to build the dry stone wall/frame with. I realise that to anyone who is actually an expert at this sort of thing it will look awful but after I had exhausted myself for the evening I am very pleased with how it has started off. Now I just need to listen to my body and stop pushing myself to hard. It’s not doing me any good and it only gives my wife another reason to say that She had told me so.

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