Time Flies.

“I’ll only be an hour I said to my wife after taking her up her coffee.” Two hours later I came back in hardly able to walk and complaining that my back was hurting. I’m forever doing too much but as anyone with an allotment knows, it’s so easy to get caught up in things.

I decided to try and make the compost heap multi purpose. Obviously its name speaks for itself. It’s a compost heap but by trying to make a small dry stone wall around it I thought that it would give a habitat for any wildlife as well as looking slightly nicer than just two planks of wood. At this stage it’s important to point out that I am certainly not a builder. I am making this a little project because I’m hoping that I can work this allotment organically and in harmony with nature rather than having to resort to using pesticides and chemicals. That being said I somehow manage to make even the simplest sounding of jobs more difficult than they need to be and this has been no exception.

However I am now pleased to introduce you to my brand new compost heap.

The finished article.

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