Time Flies.

“I’ll only be an hour I said to my wife after taking her up her coffee.” Two hours later I came back in hardly able to walk and complaining that my back was hurting. I’m forever doing too much but as anyone with an allotment knows, it’s so easy to get caught up in things. … Continue reading Time Flies.


I really need to get a little bit more structure to these posts before I hopefully gain some subscribers or fellow allotmenteers to share my ramblings with but my excuse is that, having taken over the plot in the autumn and having been somewhat haphazard in how I’ve spent the first few months I can … Continue reading Foundations.

The Maternity shed

The shed up at the house is starting to look like a plant maternity ward. I’ve just got the Dwarf Beans and the Cucumber seeds in the propagator whilst pricked out I’ve got the lettuce, Beetroot, and two mystery seeds, I think one might be carrot but I’m not sure. I’ve made up my mind … Continue reading The Maternity shed

A brave new world.

I’ll start with a slight confession. The mess you see above is pretty much how I left the ground over the winter. I had been granted the land towards the beginning of winter 2019, a time when most people are beginning to think of hunkering down and certainly not the right time for taking on … Continue reading A brave new world.

An Oasis of calm.

I have to be honest and say that patience is not my strong point. Despite my working life being dictated my patience and patients if you’ll excuse the pun I myself can get quite agitated. I am a high functioning autistic, this is actually the least of my worries as I also have a severe … Continue reading An Oasis of calm.

One man and his shed.

What is it with men and sheds? We covert them, envy them and, most of all we want ours to be the best. My shed was perhaps the only decent thing that was done to the allotment. It was left there like some lonesome soul cast adrift amongst a sea of wrack and ruin. It … Continue reading One man and his shed.

Plot 12.

After five years of waiting, I finally received the call to say that if I was still interested then there was an allotment available.  Of course, being forty-five and therefore felt it only right that I should begin practicing for my obligatory mid-life crisis I was quick to accept even before having viewed the plot.  … Continue reading Plot 12.

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